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fter living in the US for over 6 years, based in New Orleans & Louisiana, touring and playing in various bands throughout the country, Mick Buckley, with his unique Honky Tonk piano style, returned home to Australia, hooked up with his list of illustrious mates and put his own band together.

hile putting the band together, front man Fitzy would celebrate the end of a good rehearsal session with the infectious cry of, Yeeehaaaa and the band soon got known through friends, buddys and rehearsal studios as The Yeehaa Boys, which after much discussion was embraced by the band who adopted the name as their own.

I n mid 2006 the band teamed up with Keith Urbans producer Peter Blyton and recorded their first EP Playin 8 Ball with the single rocketing to No.18 on the National Country Music charts. The music video was shot at the legendary Basement in Sydney, and soon became one of the most requested clips on the Country Music Channel.

Later that year The Yeehaa Boys were invited to tour Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Due to the success of the shows in Asia a version of the EP was re-packaged in Taiwanese by GTO.

U pon their return, The Yeehaa Boys fine-tuned their act with some sensational live performances in Australia, culminating in three nights at the prestigious Toyota 2007 saw the band writing and recording their second EP once again with Peter Blyton titled Shake Baby (do Ya Stuff) in the state of the art, 301 studios in Sydney and released through MGM/Green/Blue Pie in August 2007 to a huge response. Country Music Television picked it up immediately and true to form, aired the clip 2-3 times on a daily basis. The clip was filmed using green key & CGI animation to give a surreal effect of the Australian outback and features native flora and fauna, not to mention the obligatory “Yeehaa Girls”, incorporating a fully choreographed original “Texan swing” dance routine.

The reaction was overwhelming, with invitations to perform on Australias largest free to air morning television show, not to mention the headline act for the official 75th Sydney Harbour Bridge anniversary celebrations.

2008 saw the boys return to the studio for six weeks, culminating with the release their self-titled Album The Yeehaa Boys a hybrid sound with roots back to the 40s, mixing Country Swing with a blend of country rock and blue Grass. The Yeehaa Boys have now firmly established themselves as Australias premier country swing band. Collectively they have had over 9 number one singles and top tens, multiple platinum albums and played live to millions of people around Australia and around the world.

So, if youre after a rootin tootin good time, round up a posse of desperadoes & come on down to where its all happenin with The Yeehaa Boys

MICK BUCKLEY (Kid Wrangler) Piano/vocals
MARK LUCAS (Slim Pickens) Drums
ARTIE TAYLOR (RT) Double bass
JORDEN COLLINS (The Kid) Lead guitar
CHRIS FITZ-GIBBON (Randy Handler) Lead Vocal/Dobro guitar
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